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Deaf pixel rivals

This week two Deaf pixel sites have appeared, firstly deafpixelsite.com and less than 24 hours later, I became aware of deafpixels.com. Both are UK based, and both appear to be the same, apart from the design. Taking original idea by Alex Tew and modifying it, in this case both 10p per pixel and both wanting to make 100k. When I saw the first site, my reaction was, it had to happen.

WHOIS tells me that deafpixels.com was created on the 13 January, and the rival deafpixelsite.com created a day later on the 14th.

Me: WTF? Haven't you guys really got anything better to do? I seriously think this is not going to work. Both your sites will fail, and just cut your costs now to save on hosting. The increase in failure is possibly enhanced by the fact you are out to do the same thing, and it looks like someone trying to make a fast buck.

Don't get me wrong, I WANT Deaf individuals to succeed, I WANT people to take the initiative, but this is so totally the wrong way. This is probably why I am so frustrated at both these sites, it gives your skills, initiative and the possibilities what you could be doing a bad name.

Firstly, I do believe the Deaf set up is much different, and with voluntary organisations crowding the sector, people who want to help us, yadda yadda, any site that has its aim purely to get rich fast WILL NOT WORK.

Why would people go and buy space on your site, when free directories already exist, plus your site will probably get much less traffic than free ones? Granted your site could increase in traffic over time, but right now it doesn't do it.

Rightly or wrongly, the Deaf economy thrives on goodwill, and giving something back. Often it means charity, but sometimes it means giving something. If you were to create a site where 90% of your income was given to X organisation for the purpose of Y, then your idea stands more of a chance. You just take a cut.

Otherwise just stop trying to be rivals in making a fast buck, from doing nothing. That only comes from original ideas. This one certainly is not.

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you don't make any sense.

are Deafrave events wrong because they're out to make a fast buck?

i really love the idea of having a visual homepage with many links to different things described by means of pictures.

visual and a sense of community are powerful.

deafpixels would be abused if people weren't charged.

and, for your information, it's 1p per pixel, not 10p.

I seem to remember that it was 10p a pixel earlier today, so looks like it was changed to 1p per pixel only recently.

Just want to let you know that I'm the webmaster of Deafpixel.com.

I'm also the same webmaster at deafbiz.com

I'm also deaf.

My track record with Deaf Resource Center speaks for itself. I do give back to the community by helping find really useful deaf and hearing loss websites as Google is getting bogged down by way too many spammy websites and "Splogs".

One of the purpose of deafpixel.com is that many new deaf websites are having a hard time showing up on Google. It's all about "indexing".

I'm happy to say that Google PR for deafpixel.com is now PR 5.

What this means is that I will be helping many deaf websites be indexed in Google, sooner and with better ranking.

Also, there are many deaf-related websites or deaf-owned websites that do not meet the standards to be listed in deafbiz.com.
One example would be MLM.

The cost of running the website is minimal. I only need to pay for the domain, webhost and the software. The software comes with unlimited upgrade so the subsequence expense is domain and webhost.

I am also the webmaster of many different websites. DeafPixel.com will help my new websites be indexed in Google faster.

I do hope to monetize the website with Google ads and with nominal fee for the listing.

I do not expect to be rich from this. But once this website is 100% complete, it doesn't take much time to update and maintain.

Hope this helps.


hey! i'm new to all of this but i just want to be more in my boyfriend's culture, he's deaf, i'm not. and he thinks i'm crazy for trying to learn a new culture especially when my family doesn't approve of us. i have to get to class so i'll talk to you all later! peace be with you all!

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