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ANOTHER health warning about cochlear implants!?

Summary: Another FDA warning about cochlear implants?! Got this info from Ridor's blog, which links to this Yahoo! news item.

British Deafies protested about exactly the same thing in 2002.

Seems money is more important!?


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"Another warning" about CI's and meningitis? Eh? On the FDA website, the risk is dated Sept 25th 2003! 2 1/2 years ago! It's a very small risk anyway, and I was told via a letter along with a pamphlet about CI's and meningitis from my hosptial. I've got my CI for 12 years now and the last time I checked, I'm still alive... I hope :)

Seriously, the FDA admits the study group is incredibly tiny to get any reliable statisitcs to compare with the national one - I quote:

"The FDA/CDC study reviewed the medical records of 4,264 children under the age of six at the time of implantation. The focus of the investigation was young children because they account for the majority of known meningitis cases and represent the population that will receive most cochlear implants in the future. Of these patients, 26 were reported to have meningitis. Because the number of meningitis cases is small, we are limited in our ability to determine the risk of developing meningitis with various cochlear implant models."

I also quote from their website that you linked:

"Many of the 118 patients had certain pre-existing risk factors for meningitis"

I'm with you, I'm against cochlear implants in certain cases (the majority of it anyway) but I don't think the meningitis issue is the best argument to use against cochlear implants.

Cheers - Piers

But Piers...you have an brain implant. You are no longer Piers, but a Government controlled zombie, therefore you are dead already! :D

Hi Piers

I am glad you are still alive! Thanks for your comments. However, I am not sure what you read... there *has* been a new study! The news item said:

"An original study found 26 of 4,264 children with the implants developed meningitis during the first two years following surgery, with those with positioners at greater risk. Now, a new study that followed the same children for an additional two years found another six — all with positioners — developed meningitis. The results appear in this month's issue of the journal Pediatrics."

This month = new, yeh?

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