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Happy BSL Day...?

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Summary: A rant about how no-one is really paying attention to BSL Day this year (except people in Preston, it seems)... and a question: should we really bother marking it anyway?

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I think DAW had a lecture in Cardiff. However, I don't feel motivated by this campaign because as soon as money became involved it was effectively taken over.

Additionally, I find it impossible to contribute anymore to it, for the simple reason anything else will be money driven, and *not* what activists were campaigning for in the first place!

Wales seems to think BSL recognition = more interpreters!

BSL may be recognised three years ago - but it isn't legally recognised though. Nothing has been written in the stature book. That day may be a joyful day for some but I can remember I was fuming at ears (or should I say eyes?!) thinking that the current Government was opting for an easy way out, by simply 'acknowledging' the language and that it. I found it rather insulting as they did not go all the way. For me that day is a reminder of what the current Labour Government did not do.

Although on the other hand we still need to hold such events in the name of BSL to promote visibility and to ensure they haven't forgotten us.

A lot of this how the campaign was hyjacked by certain organisations who only had a financial interest.

This continues, they want to get more funding and have little interest otherwise.

I've done a lot of work on this campaign in the past, and my current motivation is zero to continue, simply because our campaign was taken away from us. I've no motivation to work like a slave so certain organisations can later bid for millions and not have a clue what BSL recognition really means.

Why is it so difficult to take this campaign back and put it where it belongs? After all, it was our campaign in the first place; surely getting it back should be easy?

I would say that a new campaign should be set up for a BSL Act.

It's a fact that deaf organisations are no different than any other when it comes to "empire building". Who has the most turnover, most staff, highest status become more important that what the organisation should be doing or says it is doing. I dont have any answers but for us to keep hammering away at a local grass roots level. Its just sad that so many good activists end up being so disallusioned and worn out from all this.

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