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Buy this book...


... especially if you a) disagree with the Gallaudet demo or b) don't understand why they are protesting.

You can buy it online here or here. Go on, it's excellent stuff.

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If it justifies the current 'not deaf enough stance' at Gallaudet, then it isn't relevant.
'Deafhood' what is that ?

Thre is NOT a "not deaf enough" stance at Gallaudet.

That is NOT what it is about. That is a lie that JK has been selling to the media.

For the truth, please check. www.gallyfssa.org. What is under question here is 1) the flawed process of the BOT, and 2)her leadership.

Having read at least 64 blogs on Galludet and, 15 world newpapers covering it, I go via consensus, and that consensus is the deaf at Galludet opposing the new dean are discriminating against her (Not leat because of an alleged affair with King !). They blew it.

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