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Plans to ban background music

Has now reached the Lords. Interestingly, deaf or hard of hearing people are not cited as the reason for banning. Perhaps they are insignificant, in the same way as some people say BSL is a lesser language than Welsh.

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I suffer from tinnitus. My wife does not.

The effect my particular tinnitus has on me is that my left ear amplifies particular sounds to the point of extreme pain.

To avoid the pain I try to stay at home and have become a recluse.

Watching TV can be a nightmare - not because of normal dialogue but the background music. For example, you try to watch a nature programme and you get the full orchestra with violins, trumpets, choirs, pop music, guitars and singers. Most of this background rubbish has nothing to do with the programme but more to do with keeping sound engineers employed.

Going shopping to most big stores or supermarkets is an ordeal; tannoys bursting out with overloud announcements, safety and security alarms have high pitched sounds which can be so painful as to numb the brain. Isn't there a paradox here about health and safety - the warning itself damages your health!

These issues do not just affect me. My wife does not suffer tinnitus but does agree that television background sound is unnecessary, obtrusive and disrupts the enjoyment of and understanding of programmes.

I'm sure these issues do not just affect me - many of friends and family agree that this is a social issue that is getting worse.

I would like to find a way of tackling the problems of unnecessary and obtrusive noises.
I am thinking of setting up my own web site to tackle the issue. Any help or ideas would be welcome.

Tony Dickins

How I agree with the above. Background music has become a whole lot worse in the last few years & often means I have to turn off anotherwise really good programme. Is there any kit available yet to attach to the TV or say earphones which will eliminate the background so we can hear the presenter?

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