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Dating around your chronic problem

I picked this up via a tech blog I read, not a desire to find a dating site. Prescription 4 Love is a specialist dating site, for people with chronic problems.

"It’s intended to be a safe space for people who risk serious embarrassment talking about their medical conditions with people who cannot relate."

Listed as one of the chronic problems is: DEAFNESS

"You can improve your interpersonal relationships and deafness situation with an online dating service. It is the perfect place to meet deaf people so they can comfortably share their circumstances."

I've no idea how much this actually costs, why pay for a commercial service run by hearies when you can go somewhere else for free TO TALK ABOUT YOUR CHRONIC PROBLEM?

(Note tongue sticking out of cheek very far).

These people seriously don't get it.

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Alison, cross posting my comment here:
Alison et al. I’m sorry that after writing the original post I’ve been out of the discussion for some time. I honestly didn’t notice that deafness was listed on the site (it’s not loading right now, but I’ll take your word for it) and that was a mistake on my part. I fully understand the argument that doing so is not appropriate and would have said so in my original review had I done my job well enough to notice that. I apologize. I really do want to support social justice movements like the disability rights movement and I totally dropped the ball in this case.

Services for people with particular life circumstances are best designed by people in those positions themselves. I was just glad to get to review a site that aimed to make the world a better place but clearly should have taken a closer look at the way it went about doing so.

**Thanks for calling bs on this, I will do my best to do a better job. best wishes,
Marshall Kirkpatrick

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