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BSL on BB!

As a big Big Brother fan, I was both gobsmacked and pleased to see bits of BSL on TV today. The BB housemates have an university task, and have to get 'degrees'... Aisleyne and Glyn have to learn 30 words/phrases in BSL for their communication 'degree', which has been sooooooo weird but cool to watch!

(Unfortunately, BSL only made it into the 'communication' category, while Welsh made it into the 'languages' category. Whatever - at least they had a better attitude to BSL than Susie did to Welsh, which she took the piss out of. Also unfortunately, Glyn thought BSL was for blind people. Like, duh. I think he has got it worked out by now, though.)

So we are living in times where we have to be happy to see BSL being used badly on TV by people who have it all wrong. Still, millions of people will see it, and will think they might like to learn too. Come on... you know you want to!!!!

After all, Aisleyne and Glyn enjoyed themselves and were "chuffed" to get BSL for their task. Aisleyne is even thinking about learning to teach deaf kids.... errrrrmmmm....!!

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I am from Mexico and I wish to inform more about the deaf bristish and the world

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