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How not to Listen


The above cartoon is taken from Moeart, clearly brilliant, and it sums up the whole thing that is happening at Gallaudet. I would recommend you go over to the Maureen Klusza's blog.

Friday 13 October 2006, has already been labelled as Black Friday, with 133 arrests on campus authorised by Jordan. A move that immediately shot himself in the foot, and the case of digging one's grave.

Washington DC police stated this is the largest number of arrests made since the 1960s. In an age where terrorism abounds, several marches that happen in DC in one day, it is hard to believe that we've somehow broken a 40+ year old record. A situation that has been described as out of control.

The Not Deaf Enough stance is being cited by Fernades as the reason for people wanting her to go, and her cries around this apart from being misleading actually invites longer term damage, see this blog post. The media is picking up on this, perhaps as its the simplest explanation they can latch on. My question, if the cultural stance was so critical, how has Jordan as a deafened man, been tolerated all these years? To move on, the argument is seriously detracting and highlights the inability to take a long hard look at oneself plus your skills (or lack of). Mass opposition has been related to interpersonal skills.

Whatever the arguments, this woman can no longer lead. To be a leader, you have to have respect of the people you are leading, without that you will fail, and a group will disintegrate. Its a basic concept, something you can pick up on an outward bound team building course, without the need for a MBA in Management. Yet, this basic concept has not penetrated. Not only do we have students who won't accept her, the international community suddenly has lost respect for Gallaudet and more specifically its Board of Trustees.

In politics, we frequently hear the phrase, noone is bigger than their party, and in this case, a single person should be be bigger than the university in their quest for leadership. If this was politics, unless your name was Blair or even Prescott, you would have gone by now. Instead months later, we have a strained process, which is becoming more painful to watch.

Something unprecedented is happening, we have President of NAD, mental health professionals, the former principal of Model School for the Deaf, education staff, a Roman Catholic Priest, a lawyer / professor, the 1988 student leaders, plus many more, all calling for JKF's resignation. Take a step back here, when do you see this happening? Never. Yet it is, and I sit here wondering how much banging on a drum needs to happen, or indeed how many tent cities will be erected before a stubborn mule will listen?

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We are amazed at what is happening.

We are following this with great interest and show our support.

John and Sarah Tupling

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