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How very ironic!

I see that the RNId website has been nominated for an award (dunno if they got it or not, and don't really care)... what made me laugh was the fact that the award "recognises websites that ... are accessible."

So where's the BSL, huh?!

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As one of those who were closed down at the RNID forum for raising the issue of signed access, consider this, when 35 regular members of the RNID forum (Half PAYING Members of the RNID), were closed down at the RNID they said quote: "We consider the forum little used, and want to utilise the time and effort spent on maintaining forums to create more access for the BSL user" a year or more on, we now see, the bullshit of that response. We actually were sacrificed a forum at the RNID to raise issues of sign and other access. As you say, the RNID had no such intention of actually delivering a BSL access service at all. Deaf signers withdrawing from the RNID also did not help their own case, WE ex-members were the only ones doing it at the RNID forum so they closed us down too.


RNID forums were closed down in response to the shehanigans that you and your friends caused regarding AB.

It's obvious, that they wanted to avoid any further problems and potential legal actions due to the defamation spread by you and your friends.

J's post was about the ENTIRE website, not just the forum's.

Don't turn that episode into an illustration of your altruistic motives.

This is disrespect to Grumpy, she posed the question of BSL access at the RNID, regardless how YOU and a few other drop outs at Deaf-UK, the fact remains we did RAISE the issue of BSL access (ASK THE RNID don't take my word for it).The RNID stated the site was barely used and, they wanted to use what staff they had to promote BSL ACCESS. Like I said and Grumpy noted that was a smoke screen. Yep we raised issues at the RNID, yep some deafies didn't like it, but you have to be there to raise those issues, where were you and AB ? getting hoity toity on the sidelines, and trying to blackmail the people there trying to show who is boss, that was PART reason the RNID pulled the plug THEY were scared of you, and AB, WE, aren't. No doubt you can prove, how much the deaf-uk people are at the RNID putting the BSL corner ? Last time we asked there were NONE...

My apologies to Grumpy for the Deaf-UK intrusion.

Oh, where to start with all the glaring inaccuracies in MM's tirade... Tony is right, the finger of blame for the forum closure does point at you and your sidekick, no matter how much you try to play the innocent, MM, and not because you asked for BSL access. FYI if you bothered to check, MM, you would see that there *are* BSL clips with Clive Mason on the RNID site, not on the home page, granted, but dotted around in other sections. Can you see ok through all that egg on your face MM?

Clive's BSL at the RNID is nothing to do with accessibility online from the RNID. Grumpy was asking where the open access for BSL users was. There isn't any, there's no BSL access to the SEE HEAR boards ! Basically it was ex-members of that forum having to respond to aggressive people like yourself and AB that contributed to bad feeling, it changed nothing, we were the ONLY people at RNID's forums raising the issue of signed access, your lot were only interested in having a go at us. You hide otherwise behind closed deaf-only doors and block responses unless they agree with you. Which can only do the rest of us good. So you want to bring Grumpy's blog into disrepute too ?

Grumpy knows me very well, so any disrepute I bring is water off a duck's back!

Well... quack !

Can I just clarify that *I* posted this, not Alison?!

Seems we can't blog these days without MM jumping on our backs immediately, disagreeing as usual. MM you are still very boring.

Democracy, it's a bitch innit ?

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