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It's 1968 All Over Again At University For The Deaf

There's some bad reporting out there, in reaction to the expensive PR spin employed by the university in recent weeks, instead of talking direct to its own community. Reporting as usual has missed on a few points, and fundamental problems with why this whole issue became a mess in the first place. Even the Washington Post, with all its collaborative spin over recent weeks, has comments from its brainwashed readers.

There is a need for an official GUFSSA release in response to officialdom asap, just to feed the media with the other side.

The title of this post came from this article. Best tagline I've read for a long time.

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When are you going to quit copying and pasting yank pro sites, and quote a UK view ? I've heard of flogged and deceased horses, but this is ridiculous. No amount of spin is going to convince most of us this was anything but an utter waste of time.... and actuallly brought sign use into disrespute... If I was a deafie, I'd be keeping as low a profile as possible after this.

I sent a letter off (on 1st nov) to the Guardian in reply to their heavily biased report on the termination of JKF's contract that was published on 31st October - it has not yet been printed, and nobody has bothered doing a proper report on this in the UK press, in spite of tentcityuk sending out loads of info to the PA. Until we get that UK reporting there's no option but to link to sites from the US. Steve

The UK Press can't be arsed basically. The American press made a mess of reporting, and gifted the ASL activists with a 'win'. There is a need for BOTH sides of the question to be raised, but it appears I was the ONLY one in the UK to use my blog to do it. The result of that was to find some of my blogs edited out..... I question the neutrality of deaf.blog.

Problem then is the deaf who log in to a 'deaf' site then won't see them. Bias is alive and thriving on ASL/BSL sites, media is afraid of Politically Correct deafies using culture to hit them with, as they do HERE.

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