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The protestors who have been standing in front of TV cameras and saying “I was put in jail/arrested” are a bit over dramatic. They were sitting in a room eating sandwiches and doughnuts while waiting for the $50.00 fine, this is no where near being arrested. They were detained and received the equivalent of a ticket for disorderly conduct. Just so they know a person who has truly been arrested is placed behind bars, no luxury, they appear before the judge and are given some type of sentence. YOU ALL WERE DETAINED, STOP THE DRAMA!

Please do not compare this to the Civil Rights movement of the 60's there is no comparison. In the 60's they were arrested and beaten. Nothing like what is happening here.

Since when do facts hold sway at this Gallaudet fiasco ? They don't want us to know they were treated well, and just fined !

There is a big deal with being arrested, and yes you have to put it on such things as future applications of employment, if you wish to emigrate to another country, or even apply for US citizenship. If you have been arrested, you even have to put it on a Green card waiver form to enter the US on a temp basis.

The other thing, there are reprisals, people have been suspended from work. This has major implications on a person's life. Even with future employment applications, which can ask questions around suspension.

The what they were doing in a room, is irrelevant as far as the long term implications of arrest on a person's life.

There has been no comparison to the civil rights movement in the 1960s, just a comment that it was the biggest mass arrest since then.

UK deaf power in 'action' leaves a lot to be desired doesn't it ? We've had this 'protest' mooted as similar to the North Korean Issue (!) and now on par with the American civil rights issue, I am just waiting for it to be aligned with the second coming of the messiah or Halley's comet to round it all off. After the 'flurry' of interest in rights yesterday at the Park, what since ? has it rained !

So miss the point. For someone who is not interested in this campaign, you are showing an awful lot of interest / expending a lot of energy on.

I'd suggest I am taking considerable interest in it ! What irks some here, is I don't share your enthusiasm for the protest and am against it. Like a lot of American blog commentators, you don't use balance to figure things out,they're deaf so they must be right, seems about your forte'. Admit it the tent in was a waste of time, and it makes no difference WHO reports it. American bloggers are publishing "Deaf Fury in the UK", via tent city, this is about the level of accuracy and factual reporting the Americans can do, Fury ? c'mon. Twoleading ones (Ridor and Deaf read), were seen to be deliberatly blocking pro-fernandez comments as was Mishka who had quite clearly refused to put the other side of the Gallaudet question. A petition online was alsodeleivberately misrespresented as asking deaf people to throw out Fernadez now, when in fact the people who put it out, said no such thing, lies damn lies, and deaf time wasters. If I cna quote JGJOnes, why can't the deaf here get off their arse for BSL ?

MM is like a dog, splaying every corner of the [deaf] web with his own distinctive smell.

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