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Meeting Tuesday (17/10): Re Protest outside US Embassy

Londoners and not-so-far Londoners...

Let's gather at O'Grady's pub tonight (Tuesday 17 October 2006) at 8pm or earlier you prefer. We can discuss the protest outside US embassy possibly this Thursday. I will be there myself tonight. We have to move fast and we can't waste time.

The propose of staging a demonstration is to show our solidary for 133 arrested protesters and hand a letter to US embassy so our solidary would be acknowledged.

It is important to take action as soon as possible. The mis-appointment of the Galluadet's 9th President could possibly dim the beacon of light Galluadet, with struggle, carried and passed the torch on to generations to enable us to get through the dark times since the Milan 1880.

O'Grady's pub
Victoria Palace
Victoria Station
London SW1

Many Deaf people socialise at O'Grady's every first Friday.


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Wow! I am very impressed with all of you made it to reach the US embassy in London. Thanks for your lovely support to Gallaudet!

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