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14 Presidents resigned in 2006, and counting

The number of Presidents that had been forced to resign in 2006, came up during our research for the letter sent from the UK, where amongst other things, we stated:

"This year alone there have been protests leading to resignations in 9 other USA universities, including Harvard. In the UK in August 2006, South Kent College suspended their Principal after 2/3rds of the faculty and staff expressed no confidence in him.

These are examples of avenues and actions which democratic societies are able to avail themselves of whenever a situation has been allowed to escalate to a point where “the letter of the law” has been found wanting."

In an attempt to cut through the politics from another country, we came down to 9 institutions with some help. We had thought about listing these places, but our letter was long enough and points already becoming buried. The point was later stated by Dr. Paddy Ladd, in the Times article.

Bibliomarket states that they have been doing more research prompted by the Times article, and in fact there's more 2006 resignations. They identify additional institutions as:

Manny M. Aragon, New Mexico Highlands
Louis Caldera, University of New Mexico
Judith I. Bailey, Western Michigan University

More information around this, over at their blog.

To add to this, via Tent City UK we've found a further 3 more Presidents:

President Karl E. Burgher, University of Maine at Presque Isle.
President Judith I. Bailey, Western Michigan University
President Kevin Rameriz, Sierra College, Sacramento

We don't know if 14 institutions a comprehensive, further research could unearth more examples. As someone observed, "... it could be more [resignations] .... that may not have been picked up by other writers, mostly because this particular college is a small one and not too well known."

Yet the bottom line is, when a vote of no confidence happens at these institutions, through a democratic process these people leave. It doesn't appear to be happening here, issues get detracted, and we urge this point to be pushed.

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Bot, JFK and IKJ are our new Deaf Stalism! Very sad our democracy in Gallaudet university is broken and very oppressed!

Whoa Whoa Whoa - For Slade at Texas Southern University - She HAD to resign she was using the schools money to furnish and buy her stuff for her home. There was NO PROTEST! Just that she was misusing educations money for her own personal gain.

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