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Statement by Jane K. Fernandes

“It is with deep regret that I heard the Board’s decision to terminate my contract.

“I love Gallaudet University and I believe I could have made a significant contribution to its future. I hope that the Gallaudet community can heal the wounds that have been created. I trust that we all want a stronger, better, more inclusive Gallaudet where ASL and Deaf culture have been and always will be at the core of academic and community life.”

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While I can believe that she might geninuely believe she can do good work - she will not get to do much good work without any support from the staff/students and thus end up doing bad work.

It's for the best really quite frankly.

What the hell do we care anyway ? We'll all be clearing up after these protests.... at least we know the enemy now and have targets to aim at...

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