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Tent City in Grosvenor Square, London?

There is current rumblings about a protest outside the US Embassy in support of the Gallaudet protest. Should a tent city be built in Grosvenor Square?

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I think, this is a pipe dream, most deaf don't care about Gallaudet here, and certainly voicing concern at the stance these protesters have made.

1) What the hell are they protesting for origiannly? They don't like the woman? Fine...why? I've looked and I find nothing about why.

2) It's an USA thing - nothing to do with us let's face it. Protesting over it will gain us nothing.

3) All this hot air for an American issue. What happened to BSL? I asked people to march etc for it. No-one is interested.

4) MM - As usual you make statements but never back them up. Post links to those deafies voicing "concerns" about those protesters. GOD here have been posting links etc to back up their statements - ie why they're saying this or that. You just make stuff up on the spot seemingly. Oh well.

Hi JG, I thought you had retired to Ireland. I may be boring,opinionated and all tha' but at least showing interest, who else does ? Gallaudet is a pain in the nether regions,with 30 deaf schools here and no BSL head or significant staff ration why are BSL'ers wasting out time with it ? Bet you wish I was a BSL activist don't yer :)

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