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Interpreted Events relevant to Interpreters or interpreting issues?

Deaf people in the UK are currently exposed to what is silly season as far as e mail lists go, and there appears to be no stopping. More about this in a future post, I have far too many thoughts on this one.

Today I got banned from an e mail list (more about later), Gmail is not responding and secondly put in moderated mode of an interpreting list I've been a member for 7+ years.

Let's focus on E-newsli first, because I think its relevant, and its actually easier to illustrate. As background, I've possibly posteI won't add any additional comments, readers can judge for themselves. Sent this e mail to E-Newsli, a list which has received cross postings in the past. On the subject of cross posting, this did not go out to any other interpreting list:

Please pass onto your contacts. Apologies for cross posting. --------------------------------------

The way Deaf UK Events is going to be managed is about to change. Here is why:

- Ever complained about there being no central place for events in the UK?
- Wish you could filter events by area or what you are interested in?
- Tried organising an event, and unsure if it clashes with anything?
- Fed up of e mail being disorganised?
- Wish you could add events yourself?
- Would you like to organise who's going?
- Wish there was a facility to discuss an event before it happens? Perhaps a meet up before.
- Wish you could add events to your own personal calendar at the click of a button? E.g. Outlook, Google calendar, iCal.
- Wish you could find a map of the venue at the click of one button?

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions, then this new
site is for you.


For the site to succeed, we need people to:

a) Sign up, and use
b) Event organisers to add their own events.

This is vital. Why this is of benefit to everyone, you can find out more in FAQ section.

Questions? Please use the discussion at the bottom of the new events page, or email.


Later in the evening I received e mail which I didn't quite understand, so I sent this (e mail received below it):

Roger - I don't understand what this means? Please advise. (Please note I'm using this e mail address as a temp measure).


Wed, 8 Nov 2006 21:12:33

xxxxxxx has just altered your subscription options for the E-NEWSLI list as per the "SET E-NEWSLI
REVIEW" command. For more information about subscription options, send a "QUERY E-NEWSLI" command to LISTSERV@JISCMAIL.AC.UK.

This I did not get a reply to, instead the following is sent publically to a list:


Apologies or not, this is an unacceptable posting. It bears no connection to BSL interpreting. The least that could have been done is to ask either Frank Harrington or me before posting, justifying it. You are now subject to
moderation before you can post.

Roger Beeson
e-newsli co-owner

Since I'm on moderated mode, here's my direct reply:


I posted information about the new Deaf UK Events site, because it was relevant to the list, in that most events listed will be interpreted. I would have thought interpreters would like to know about a service to advertise the events they were interpreting at, to encourage Deaf people to attend.

The majority of events that are published, are BSL/English Interpreted, which you and other interpreters actually depend on for work. Hence the relevancy of the post to E-newsli.

I know that many people do not even turn up at these events, and a frequent complaint is down to lack of Deaf people using such events. One cannot and exist without the other, and thus is supposed to be a tool to use for all. If you expected me to have contacted either Frank Harrington or yourself before posting, justifying it, then you could have set the example by showing me the courtesy of writing me offlist first to explain my error, and not to the group.

Not only that, I haven't abused my membership to the list, and being placed under moderating for this error, smacks of heavy handedness, since I have been a member of this list for 7+ years?

I can't tell you how to moderate this list, and I wasn't even aware that I was meant to ask permission first. But more to the point, if what I have done is against list rules, then perhaps you need to clarify. In the meantime, I still cannot get my head around how interpreted events and attendance in relation to, is of no relevance to interpreters and interpreting issues.


Question to readers: do you think a place for advertising events (the majority interpreted events) is relevant to interpreters or not, and why?

Comments (3)

Bloody hell , whats wrong with people these days!
I moderate list and not come across as anything daft as that.

Shades of Gallaudet, they're turning on themselves now.. (Save us the trouble).

Terped events are relevant to terps. End of!


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