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Interpreter Saga continued

Today I got two replies around the relevancy of Deaf events to interpreters, and a continuation of this post. Before sharing, I would like to state there's many issues around moderation of lists here, and the inability to engage in conversation because egos come first. No I don't have time for it either. This is what I would like to try and dissect in future posts, and why blogging is important as a future means of publication.

It means that your postings will be subject to moderation. E-newsli is about sign language interpreting and sign language interpreters. Your posting was not even remotely about that. If there had been some hidden connection, you should have checked it out with me or Frank. I do not want this newsgroup to be hijacked by other agendas, as has happened with other newsgroups recently.

Since Deaf UK Events is used by interpreting agencies, e.g. to advertise NVQ Level 4, Magistrate Court Training, etc., this is a strange reply.

And a reply to my longer e mail:

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

When someone else asked about this on list, the reply was:

I am not going to enter into a discussion about this.

My direct reply was, and so people can get a better picture:

If you actually mean Deaf UK, I'm not actually responsible for what has been happening over there, and on no attempt to hyjack anywhere. Please do not judge a situation on a whole lot of wrong information, where I have largely refrained to respond to date on the grounds of xxxx mental health, and this has actually come from nowhere. If you mean something else, please say so. It would be helpful if you were more specfic here, and not resort to generalisations. If you have any questions, including any wrong information you've been fed from elsewhere, please go ahead and ask them.

Secondly, as a long term subscriber to E-Newsli, 7+ years, it is nothing but victimisation. The list has had some very off topic postings recently, including personal e mails which is even less about interpreting. Someone's mother in hospital, relevant to interpreting? Its not just one mistake e mail. Additionally, I actually fail to see how cued speech had any relevance to BSL/English interpreting being way off topic, as discussed on the list recently. (This point was not made by me, but an interpreter and reminded me of relevancy). If you put these people into moderated mode, then why didn't you give them a public scolding off too, without even contacting them?

Furthermore, get nothing in terms of an apology from you, and as remains a public e mail. Secondly, a complete refusal to engage in dialogue. Another example of patronising and oppressive behaviour. I've not done anything to you, I posted one e mail which you / Frank did not agree with, that I was not aware of breaking any rules (no periodic reminder, since I've been a member since around 1998). Have posted to this list in the past (been a member since 1998/9) and you have not indicated otherwise, again no communication from you if you are unhappy with my postings or I am breaking some rule (didn't even know about them) / should I be doing xyz. Suddenly, I get moderated, no direct communication to sort out and told about publically. As explained, I thought my post had a lot of relevance to interpreting, and the way this has been handled this smacks of arrogance.

Every interpreted event I've gone to, the interpreter invariably asks me: how can I get more Deaf people there? I get comments from interpreters, Deaf people don't come, use it or lose it etc. The interpreter even thanks me for showing up! On the grounds of this feedback, as a user of interpreters for 14 years yes I thought interpreters would be grateful for a tool. (The existing ones are streamlined, not every theatre subscribes to SPIT, every art gallery to MAGIC etc). You have just made a decision for all interpreters and sent out a strong message, interpreted performances, and actual attendance of, is not an interpreting issue. I will remember that one. Secondly, I assume there is no longer any need for interpreters to go to other events, as an issue of continuing professional development? Again, since you are both involved with the training of interpreters, this is another one I find extremely worrying. Interpreters don't subscribe to other lists, pure and simple (have been moderator for way too many years to know this). That is my only reason for posting this, even if you actually might find this incredibly hard to believe.

Eventually got a reply:

I simply don’t have the time to debate this. I have other priorities. I’ve made a decision in what I perceive to be the best interests of newsgroup’s members. If you don’t like the way I and Frank handle things, you can simply ask to be unsubscribed.

There's a lot I could say here, but bottom line this leaves me with the thought on how dated e mailing lists are.

Comments (6)

What a tosser.

I'm amazed that Jen can be so composed, and Alison's us eof langauge quite retrained comapred to me.

If this was happening to me, there would eb a torrent of four letter words and some character assassination thrown in for good measure.

Calmly and rationally, the whole situ. is a bit of a red herring? The topic of DUKE @ upcoming.org is relevant to E-newsli, and the responses Alison got, is well, "come on, now!"

I really don't believe what is happening here? Is there some sort of elite group out there who is now determining which people are allowed to post or not to post? What happened to freedom of speech? (or typing, even). The Deaf community is TOO small for this type of bickering - we all need to support one another and just get on with it.

I wouldn't say the mailing list dated more of who moderate/control the mailing list is dated.
I have subscribed to loads of mailing list ( non deaf ) but for some silly bickering the certain deaf mailing list beats them all.
Like Emma said "The Deaf community is TOO small for this type of bickering - we all need to support one another and just get on with it"

Fintan, the above communication was done offlist. Not bickering, just really concerned re logic, and more to the point the future. Interpreters don't get information, unless they actively seek it elsewhere.

Just one e mail was sent to the list. I actually sent a second in response to a direct question (and was not disruptive), and I'm told wasn't posted. I have since unsubscribed, because I'm not going to be oppressed, or more to the point there is a basic lack of respect there. Lack of respect comes from the way this has been handled, you are not worthy enough to be communicated with mentality. If you want to be moderator and post publically, then don't immediately disengage.

Incidentally I've posted 3 other mails to that very list over the years, e.g. deaf-blogs.com, deaflawyers.org.uk, Gallaudet. This is over a period of 3 years. Nothing was said about these, therefore why? (The rest of my e mails about interpreting). This leads me to believe this is not the real issue, despite it being labelled as otherwise.

The problem is when you have one person behaving in a state of crisis, or perhaps acting like a control freak / losing it, where is the safeguard?

When this crumbles, what is left? It is actually difficult to change the way people use the net e.g. the group they go to, or publishing online.

The above situation, I don't actually think its about events, but more to do with the Savva effect: there's so much one sided information out there, that people are starting to believe it.

Comments such as 'gang plotting', and whatever is seriously so way off the mark.

I and others have largely refrained from commenting up until now, because of a person behind. The problem with this approach is that so much wrong information gets flown about, that people start to believe it. This has ripple implications.

The other thing I would like to mention here: look how the Gallaudet protest was handled from the protestors viewpoint. Information and opinion was disseminated via blogs. Online publishing, and there is no control element attached to this. If you click onto my name for this post, I wrote last year and illustrates the concept.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

which translate into:

Who will guard the guards?

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