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Save the Deaf UK Four (!)

OK so thus far, four of us have been banned from Deaf UK for various silly reasons: Tony explains it all very clearly here.

I still don't know why I was banned because I honestly did nothing - I was shouted at for forwarding emails and then did nothing at all! Suddenly last night I found out I was banned. I'm probably guilty "by association" because I'm friends with the other DUK Three. That's fine by me, I accept I have sinned by having friends.

Sigh. I simply can't believe I have even bothered to write this post. More to the point, I can't believe what used to be an important British Deaf resource has been reduced to a silly playground-style fighting place.

I'm glad to be out of it, in all honesty.

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You should add that you forwarded the e mails to yourself. Same way as if someone receives individual e mails.

Secondly, if its not allowed, why does Yahoo! have such a function?

Can you make sure that they don't get mixed up with Deaf-Uk-Chat mailing list


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