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Sign Language Graffiti


Porto, Portugal.


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I really like this art! We need more Deaf artists like this in the UK! Ash x

Hey, I am designing a high school for the deaf, and I would love to incorporate graffiti like this on the interior. Do you know the name of this artist??? It would be greatly appreciated if you got back to me. Thanks!!!

Imagine if Banksy is Deaf!

May I use this picture in a PowerPoint Presentation for the school's presentation or do I pay for the rights?

Go to the Flickr link and ask the person who took the photo. :)

Banksy could do a fabulous art piece on the the deaf culture I am sure of it , if he was been identifyed anywhere , and learnt some sign language , the art coming out of that guy would be truly amazing , and experinced prehaps some of our deaf culture in UK , and properelly researched , the guy could truly paint some presentations of our deaf culture . this photo is also good as well..

this site rocks , clear and brillantly presented.

Brendan Casey /DeafDruid

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