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Orange Togetherness, Sense and eBay

Recently Orange stocked their Orange Togetherness toys, as seen in TV adverts, and suggested a £1 donation for the same, towards Sense, a deafblind charity in the UK..

Now these are being flogged in eBay fetching up to £32 each. There has even been an eBay guide written, relating to this.

Deafblind people currently do not have access to mobile phones in the UK, or at least ones that use braille for sms, or perhaps even larger screen view. It seems absurd, possibly driven by people's greed, that such high prices are commanded for these toys (to line private individual's pockets), yet no money is being pumped into the development of an accessible mobile phone.

I've suggested someone takes the lead on this in the past via DUKT and on Noesis by using something such as Crowd Spirit. However, it does not detract from the absurd situation. One only hopes that the money Sense has raised from the Orange Togetherness toys, goes towards the development of a accessible and trendy phone for a group that is still denied access.

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