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Hearing aid fetishes

The University of Bologna, has completed some research into people's fetishes. Feet are apparently the no 1's world fetish, however research did mention:

The survey, based on the views of men and women, also revealed some of the more obscure objects of affection. These included 150 people with a penchant for hearing aids,

Via A Welsh View.

This is of no surprise to UK people, who have from time to time come into contact with the Deaf Wannabee group, and their desire to become deaf. This has provoked much debate and perhaps anger in times past.

What do you you think of hearing people who have a fetish towards hearing aids? How do you feel about those people who would like to become deaf, perhaps do so through self harm? Should the health care resources be allocated to such people? How is it different from say, resources allocated to mental health issues?

One other thing to ponder, if we say we're human beings of value, then why do so many condemn someone who wants to be deaf? Are we really saying deep down deafness is never okay, and therefore noone should have a desire to become deaf?

What is body modification anyway: could having a CI be labelled as a form of body modification, and how does this differ from people wishing to modify their body in the other direction? How is it any different, than say having 100 tattoos, and claiming a body is yours?

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Uh. Since I prefer to be in relationships where I, and not my aids or whatever else, am the "object", keep these people far, far away from me.

Outside of that, though, I suppose people are free to do what they want...

Yes we've had people calling our office to see if we had any used hearing aids to sell them for their fetishes.

This I'm not surprised.


Incredible. I looked it up and found it is true that some people harm themselves to become disabled: not only deaf but also amputees and worse.

These people may have a mental illness and wish to withdraw from society, or may want to receive support for education, welfare or special assistance (advocacy, interpreting) that we receive.

It struck me as incredible that people would value isolation or these financial aids over having effortless communication.

The philosophical question also boggles my mind: do we consider hearing so valuable that we reject those who wish to play/be deaf? Indeed, can you imagine welcoming them into our clubrooms, our colleges, and as friends?

Possibly not. The society of the deaf is very accommodating and tolerant, but this is a real test. It would depend on the character of these people and how they approach us.

Bloody hell that unreal... but I hope they don't drain the NHS...

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