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Strategy for Scotland's Languages Consultation

Scotland is consulting on a language strategy until 9 March. Today's press release clearly states BSL, something England, Wales and Northern Ireland could strive for. The consultation is available here.

Date: February 06, 2007 Time: 13:15


Views are being sought on a new strategy to raise the profile of the rich and diverse languages spoken in Scotland.

The Strategy for Scotland's Languages builds on previous work which has been done by a range of language initiatives supported by the Executive and others, and seeks to encourage progress that has been made in different areas.

There is a wide range of language activity promoted in Scotland, extending from language learning in schools to training British Sign Language (BSL) translators.

The strategy contains discussion of these and other key areas of activity, and seeks to highlight the initiatives that are in place and the direction of current policy.

It emphasises the need to equip all Scots with fluent English language skills, as well as promoting linguistic diversity and multilingualism including BSL and ethnic community languages.

The document also proposes the protection and promotion of the Gaelic language, as well as a pledge that the Scots language will be treated with pride and respect.

Culture Minister Patricia Ferguson said:

"This strategy seeks to provide a coherent approach to guide the development of languages in Scotland and to complement and encourage the progress that has been made so far.

"Through this strategy we aim to raise the profile of the rich and diverse languages spoken in Scotland, to ensure that this rich heritage is recognised as a national resource and to encourage people living in Scotland to learn languages other than their own.

"I look forward to receiving comments in due course on this draft for consideration before we finalise the strategy."

The consultation runs until March 9.

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