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BDA, a missed fundraising opportunity?

Okay, so the BDA is in debt, so why isn't it trying to make some money at every opportunity? Or rather, people assisting it to make money. Do we really want the organisation to disappear into a puff of smoke? I expect too many balls in the air trying to keep on top of the mess, to have a finger on each buzzer.

Last Saturday's See Hear showed the Lost Reels of Leslie Edwards from the 1930s, and I know these clips were discovered before I left London (in 2003) because I remember Tomato talking to me about them, and he had given the films to the BDA back then. 4 years plus down the road and what? The BBC shows them.

Why haven't they been made into a dvd and flogged at some stupid price? I would buy one, and judging by the interest I think some other people would too. Better still, put the clips on a site with some adverts and generate income via click throughs and/or paid upfront advertsing? Google Adsense, or another advertising programme that generates more income. An international audience would love it.

See Hear carrying footage of this programme, I hope the BBC paid the BDA some money for showing them? If not, why not? Secondly, its a shame as the programme could have been used to generate interest in this footage, and generate income from sales. Yes I know the BBC isn't meant to be an advertising arm, but how many times do you see businesses featured on Read Hear and See Hear. The BDA isn't even a business.

So where's the BDA capitalising on this then?

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Finally someone speaks their mind about the BDA. I think the problems stem from the past and current board of the BDA. The Past board for getting themselves into a situation like this, and the current board, by wasting valuable time and resourcings ignoring the problems and expanding when they should have been looking to tighten budgets and therefore putting themselves into a situation where they might have to declare voluntary Bankruptancy. Doug Ackler should have been fired months ago, his ideas and schemes were personally motivated by his own arrogance. First of all, setting up sign community website, and announcing it to the deaf community before securing the website domain name was completely a great example of this. Of course, it turns out some other organisation owned the name and of course, the BDA just had to buy the rights to this name instead of coming up with a different name which would have saved loads of money in the long run. But, No, the horror of being found out to be a prat and admitting to the deaf community that he had made a mistake not realising the domain name was not available before he announced it, shows how incompentant they were! I send on my best wishes to the new Chair of the BDA Francis Murphy, and sincerely hope that he can salvage something of what is left of this sorry mess.


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