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Moving away from interpreting: a dilemma

I've followed Howard's blog for a while, and I enjoy reading it. There's something about reading a blog by a terp, especially if they've interpreted for you. Its easy to see and appreciate Howard's human side when you meet him anyway. The massive wall and aloofness that comes with some interpreters out there is absent. However, reading his blog allows you to get to know him better, and actually see the person behind the interpreter.

Deaf wise he said something recently, and he wonders in this post:

With me moving away from interpreting as my only real income, I've had some anxieties about whether I am, as one person put it, betraying Deaf people because I'm not bad at the job, so I'd leave my clients at risk of being stuck with substandard support. Remember the nightmares I had about slaughtering Deaf people? I think seeing some interpreters like Jacqui assuages that fear.

There's a selfish element of wanting to keep interpreters in their profession, the shortage of interpreters and all that. However its impossible to take that stance when you see him more for who he is through his writing.

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