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Languages a must in primary schools, so where's BSL?

Okay, if a government review issues a statement such as this:

A government-commissioned review led by Lord Dearing is expected to recommend that all children should have to learn a language from the age of seven.

Why the hostility towards BSL, as shown in this recent statement from Number 10? And for that matter, since the review talks about languages, why does the BBC label this as foreign languages?


The government has backed this recommendation, but restricts this to foreign language teaching. This gives the impression of excluding indigenous minority languages, however for the purposes of this study could they be included?

The BBC has a Have Your Say thread. I would encourage you to post comments here, re the lack of inclusion of BSL. This was mine:

Why is this restricted to foreign languages? British Sign Language is more useful for communicating with Deaf people and careers related to, yet is not included in this.

When requesting BSL was taught in schools via a Number 10 petition, the response was, "we must avoid over-prescription of what is taught and leave sufficient time and space for schools to personalise their offer to address individual needs and aptitudes."

The government is contradicting itself, and not promoting inclusion.

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Get over it Grumpy they are NOT Going to teach BSL to hearing people, EVER.

Isn't BSL already being taught to hearing people?! Its the most popular FE course in the UK after First Aid. For the record, BSL is also being taught in schools, in pockets.

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