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Should Deaf get Death Sentence?

Various news articles are asking the question: Should deaf get the death sentence? This is linked to a murder case, link.

Apart from the reasoning 'Deaf people can do anything but hear', thus be treated the same as hearing people, and should be if we are to claim equal citizenship. Everyone is equal before the law. One has to wonder by treating everyone the same, we are indeed discriminating.

What strikes me is the case around interpreters is the only reason being used as a defence against death sentence. Whilst the case is based in the States, thus opportunities are different, should the same case be held in the UK there is sometimes a lack of educational opportunity, which can lead to emotional issues or indeed how to express anger. I'm not excusing this for murder, I do not agree with the death penalty in any circumstances. That includes hearing people.

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I had just posted this at Gally-net. Wanted to share this with you as well:

This is a very complicated social issue.

I always say two things

1) There is no excuse for violence.

2) I never supported capital punishment.

However, I think Daphne Wright should NOT get special privilege because she is deaf as long as she has full access to the court system and the jury includes black, deaf, LGBT jurors.

I am puzzled because most of the white deaf straight men who murdered their wives or girlfriends during past ten years were not given the death penality while Wright gets the most scrunity and hardest punishment possible as a deaf woman murderer.

While I do not advocate for prepetrators, I do see double standards here. The punishment for deaf male killers has rarely been discussed like we are discussing about Wright as a female killer.

In my opinion, as a Deaf woman advocate, Wright should be punished if she is found guilty by her peers by spending the rest of her life incarcerated. This same punishment should be applied to ALL murderers, especially in domestic violence related cases.

My heart goes out to the victim and her family.


I have created a post along this subject on my own blog: turjopa.blogspot.com/

There is a great deal to be said about this woman's trial and she needs a strong advocate to work along with her lawyer.

Dismembering someone's body differs from murdering someone with gun or knife. You probably would get death warranty if u dismember someone (only if state have death sentence).

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