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UK Parliamentary Round Up 1

Going to test how blogging about a parliamentary round up might work, perhaps on a regular basis depending if people find this useful or not?

Will take this information from theyworkforyou.com, I encourage you to interact over there. I've subscribed via RSS to appearances made my my local MP for a couple of years, however, as far as I am able to tell you can't get a RSS feed for keywords. Only way of getting keyword updates is via e mail alerts. So old school. Does anyone know if a keyword RSS is possible, and if so how to do it? Whatever, theyworkforyou.com should address this as a matter of urgency (either by enabling RSS, or making it easier to find).

Deaf people and parliament in 2007, to date:

Waiting Lists for audiology: in the south east

Pathways to Work: How many deaf people are registered, and for a statement.

Sign Language Support: sign language support in education, touches on interpreters

Access to Fair Access to Care for deafblind people: if a specific assessment of access has been done in relation to deafblind? Answer: no.

Numbers of compensation for people in the armed forces, who've been made deaf: numbers not available.

Number of deaf people unemployed: numbers unavailable, as not collected by the Labour Force Survey.

Information for deaf people on Disability Equality Duty: says can access information by BSL. (Can we? I've not seen any BSL publications on this, especially during the crucial consultation period). Also states there's an Accessible Written Information Standard. (The fact that its called written, excludes BSL since sign languages cannot be written).

Numbers of defence personnel who have been made deaf in Iraq and Afghanistan: don't know numbers.

Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill: family with a deaf child referred to magistrates by a local authority. Local authority did not state all the facts, and state the child was deaf.

DLA Higher Mobility: available to those who are deafblind.

Special Educational Needs: restriction of speech and language therapists.

Welfare Reform Bill: attitudes from employers re deaf people and employment.

Concessionary Bus Pass Travel: to include deaf people.

Digital Switchover: access to digital television.

Deaf people: interpreters: interpreters in the criminal justice system.

Sign Language Courses: funding for BSL classes has not been withdrawn, and no statistics held re: number of courses.

Children's Rights Survey: includes NDCS being involved. Was this survey available in BSL?

Access to Work Scheme: what is the criteria to assess communication support? Answer: look at cases individually, take into account cost effectiveness. Advisers use standard questions to determine number of interpreters and what qualifications they should have. Government really doesn't get it.

Parliamentary Questions: RSD Cheadle: recognition of work carried out at this school.

Interpreters for job interviews: someone refused interpreters for work focused interviews. Minister will look into.

Audiology services in Northern Ireland: waiting times.

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