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Bush explaining Iraq policy to Republican deaf signers?


The Sunday Times carried this picture and caption at the back of its News Review section, asking what Bush was doing, in satire style. Deaf people came into it:

Another day, another slightly embarrassing picture of President George Bush. But what is he doing here? Is it:

a) Dancing in the garden of the White House to promote World Malaria Day
b) Explaining his new policy on Iraq to a conference of Republican deaf signers

c) Frankly, it's anybody's guess

Without not wishing risk coming across as if I have no sense of humour whatsoever, I wonder if this devalues ASL? Its portrayed alongside other non serious options to be mocked at? Why isn't a Republican conference delivered in ASL a perfectly valid option (thus not make people laugh)? Or is it the concept of Bush using ASL something we are meant to be laughing at, as too far fetched? Whilst he's not using ASL, why would the use of make it "slightly embarrassing"?

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Far from it ! Bush appears to have instigated a whole new dance craze, young people in America have been lauding it as Cool... I'm somewhat confused as to the very tenuous link to ASL.

Well in USA, as far as I know, and I'm happy to be corrected here - but doesn't folks in USA just do not fight for ASL to be recognised as a language?

In UK we fight for it to be recognised as a language, whereas in USA they don't do that at all, but inside fight on a disability case?

Point being that, since they aren't interested in ASL being an officially recognised language or not, thus the article doesn't exactly devalue ASL much?

Anyway at end of day, most people would see it for what it is - a joke :)

Mmind you...ammazing how mmany idiots there are around these days, maybe I should rethink that...

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