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Low: RNID CEO needn't be deaf or hard of hearing

John Low states in the Third Sector, that his successor a need not be deaf or hard of hearing.

One liner from me: they've never got it, why are they going to start now? Don't forget, Really Not Interested in the Deaf.

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RNID boss needn't be deaf, says Low
By John Plummer, Third Sector, 25 April 2007

The departing chief executive of the RNID has said that his successor need not be hard of hearing.

John Low, who is to become chief executive at sector support organisation the Charities Aid Foundation, said: "The important thing is to hire someone of high calibre. It would be great to get a deaf person with the necessary experience and skills. But the pool we are recruiting from is very small."

There was criticism from deaf people when Low, who is not hard of hearing, succeeded James Strachan, who is deaf, as chief executive of the RNID in 1999.

Low said most of those on the charity's board were deaf and could be trusted to serve the interests of the institute's beneficiaries.

Anne Pridmore, chair of the UK Disabled People's Council, said she would prefer the institute to hire a deaf leader but recognised that it would be difficult because there were so few senior figures with disabilities in the voluntary sector.


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Comments (4)

James Strachan is not deaf!

Perhaps he should go the whole hog and state that RNID boss needn't be: INTELLIGENT, SAVVY, ALTRUISTIC, or even HUMAN!

Maybe we could invent an avatar to do his job.

I think I can see where Low is coming from here. To use an analogy, let’s suppose this was a doctor’s appointment instead. The important thing is not that the candidate knows anything about medicine, but is the best person for the job irrespective of medical qualifications.

Maybe another analogy would help? Let’s say that they were appointing a dentist as a dental surgeon. The successful applicant need not know anything about drills and anaesthetic and other trifling secondary matters, as long as they are the best person for the job.

On a serious note, I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve come across this site! Brilliant work, Alison, I agree with every word. RNID may look very pretty and professional on the outside, but in my opinion, they just shamelessly pimp off deaf people.

Tim - one question, Low as a hearing person, should he be deciding this? Deaf / hard of hearing people should be making the decision who they want to lead this charity, since at least in theory its there for their benefit! If that includes a hearing person, so be it.

However, a hearing administrator to make this decision, does he have the right to? How can it be called a membership organisation then?

Thanks for your compliments, feedback is important as it lets others out there know we aren't the only people who think it. I hope it encourages more people to set up their own blog. THe UK needs more bloggers. I do believe in numbers we could be a powerful political force.

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