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Songs of Praise, subtitled the hard of hearing way

Adam Buxton subtitled a hymn as it sounds or looks to the hard of hearing:

Hearies seem to think its funny judging by the comments, and probably a good way to get a point across via humour. What hymn is it anyhow? Or are they really singing as the subtitles read? :-D

Via A Welsh View.

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*chuckling* Keep the humor coming! I could use a laugh. This is a good one!



This is HILARIOUS! The actual hymn is obviously not these lyrics, but in church the words tend to get muffled with so many people singing, and it sounds EXACTLY like they are singing that! HAHAHA. Oh this made my day. Thank you.

HAHAHAHHAAA DAMN THAT WAS FUNN...erm...wait a sec...I can't hear it. So I've no idea if the hymn sound like it does in the subtitles...

However near the end (where the timer say 10 seconds left), where it focus on two ladies close-up, and you attempt to lip-read them, but it matches with what the subtitles say perfectly...

That's a good demostration of how lip-reading isn't accurate either and that section was funny for me.

Apparently this is what they are meant to be singing:

Blessed city, heavenly Salem, vision dear of peace and love, who of living stones art builded in the height of heaven above, and, with angel hosts encircled, as a bride dost earthward move;

from celestial realms descending,
bridal glory round thee shed,
meet for him whose love espoused thee,
to thy Lord shalt thou be led; all thy streets and all thy
bulwarks of pure gold are fashioned

Subtitles made perfect sense to me with what little I could hear.

I always hated Sunday nights as a child as my mum insisted on eating tea in front of Songs of Sodding Praise... What was worse is that she'd join in, and my mum singing is painful in some making hearing aids frazz kind of way.

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