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Through Deaf Eyes

This is a must watch:

A larger video can be seen here. I would recommend that you download it via Google Video Player (click onto the download button in the right column). That way you can watch it full screen. It is 2 hours, I don't want you to get cross eyed! Watch it soon, as there is a possibility it could be pulled.

The original documentary was shown by PBS, in the States. The dvd and book can be pre-ordered from here.

Update: As predicted this video has now been pulled. Those people wise enough will have downloaded a copy. So you're out of luck in the meantime, unless of course someone uploads the video someplace else (the net is a big place).

A bad move on the companies' part, some might think an odd thing to say. Such acts can have a negative impact on sales. Had this video not been on the net, I would not have found out about it, as many other people. Its a marketing tool, and makes me want to go ahead and buy the dvd. Same concept as those who put their work on the net electronically such as Cory Doctorow and Tom Reynolds. Through making it free, you force people to care about your product and the fact you want to spread ideas behind it. Wanting to be possessive about these, is a turn off. The important thing about this video, is the ideas and understanding get to as many people as possible. Make it free. Copyright hinders.

Comments (6)

thanks loads for this :-D xx

Hope you enjoy it. I just wish we had a 2 hour history documentary produced in the UK too.

Great stuff, quite gripping, and loved the old footage. Makes one feel quite proud at how resourceful deafies are!

.....annnnnnnddddd it's pulled!

got it b4 it was spiked and watched it and...wow wow wow!! (ok i cast the critical eye as usual but as a resource it's outa this world and i cld watch it another 50 times for sure) agreed 100% wiv all u wrote about this should be up, and on, and free!!! and do hope sum budding film people this side of the atlantic will be inspired to make sumthing similar with Arts Council money - it can can can be done! Big hugs for getting it up and I'm off to buy copies now! Sx

hi does anybody know if we can get a copy of the DVD that is playable on machines in UK? am trying to find out, amazon.co.uk don't have the DVD :-( S

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