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Voicing over BSL, by a monolinguist

Yesterday I blogged about subtitling the hard of hearing way. Adam Buxton also produced a voice over for a BSL/English Interpreter, as he understood it (not understanding BSL):

Deafies won't get the voice over, so a friend has transcribed it (thanks, C!), here goes:

Rob, she had a handle on her chest, a special pack of cards and a nail through her hand. Her breasts were badly unbalanced and her finger was bent back. She was stroking a very uneven cat, which she put into a zip-pocket on her arm. She saw her breasts pop out and shouted, "No!" She got into a fight with a man in a suit, who was drinking champagne, wearing a bib and a bowler hat. She opened a big book and snapped it shut it on the man's fingers. "I didn't like having a book shut on my fingers!" said the man, "You're a rotten person and I hope your nipples fall off, and also, you smell." "Wait", she said, "on your shoulder there's a man's head. He's got a goatee and I think it's Jesus. Do you want me to stab him in the neck with a fork?" "No way!" said the man, "Think about it. Why would I want you to stab my own head with a fork?" "Because it's teeny weeny and made of paper." said the woman. "That's enough!" said the man, stamping her passport. Twice. He broke a breadstick and jabbed it into the palm of her hand. She couldn't take any more and said, "Stop! My breasts are very hot. I ate something weird today and now my breath stinks.

Judging by the comments left, hearies appear to find this very funny. This is how much people who can't sign get BSL, or rather not, and possibly what's going on in their minds as watching a terp. Reading that, my brain really is not wired up to get it: the BSL of course, makes perfect sense.

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Personally after reading that, I think it's funny! It helps for me that I'm not as wired up for BSL as you are I guess.

Yes there will always be *some* people that think it's taking the piss out of sign language itself, but realistically - many people do know that the voiceover does not reflect what the sign language is actually saying.

Just an comedian that decided to look at someone doing BSL and decided to do a voiceover based on what he's seeing but make it as daft as possible for the extra comedy kick.

Comedy are never politically correct after all.

Not as good as the subtitling one, which two hearing friends of mine said did sound like what they were singing.

I have had hearing friends guess what signers are saying along the lines of Adam's voiceover. My partner says the voiceover is in the style of horse racing commentary which adds to the humour.

While I did find the voice-over funny (thanks for the transcript) it was also depressing as it shows how much my BSL sucks. I really need to get back into practice and preferably classes to sort my nonexistent grammar out.

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