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British Deaf Football website launched, where's the RSS?

gbdeaffootball.jpgThe Great Britain Deaf Football website was launched this evening.

I'm not a football fan so I'm not best placed to do an analysis of this site. However I'm always a fan of independent Deaf stuff, on the face of it, the website looks good and I welcome online content. However, one thing that's really bugging me: where's the RSS feed? I tried to add you to my reader, and I got the 'no feed found'!

This frustrates me so much, UK Deafies and more importantly web designers please come into 2007.

There is this great page full of news, what makes you think I'm coming back to read it? Okay, I'm not exactly your target audience, but I still want your news delivered to me. I might even be interested in some of the content, just from keeping in touch with Deaf stuff goes, but I want a feed to enable me to do this! Deaf Football people, please use something like FeedFire to create one. You have news to share, make sure the content gets delivered to as many people as possible. Same goes for your calendar page too, events delivered to your reader as another feed. Having a feed doesn't mean noone will visit your site, quite the opposite, it reminds people you are still there.

This is what I was getting at in an earlier post over at Noesis re the use of RSS (please watch the video if you haven't done so already).

P.S. Football people, where's the BSL? Some vlogs integrated into the news section would be cool.

Update: See the comments, there's now a RSS feed. Yipee! If you want to subscribe to the news, here's the feed. Nick, where's the calendar feed - I want one. Other thing, there's one BSL video on the site, presented by Helga. Just linking it, as I missed it on my first visit.

Update 2: BDF website has addressed the RSS further. The RSS feed buttons can be seen at the bottom of the website, there's also one for the calendar plus messageboard. Go and have a look.

Comments (4)

Hello Alison,

I was shifting through the stats page for our new site, and found your blog/feedback.

I am pleased to say that I have answered your question and added an RSS Feed at the bottom of the site via FeedFire!

Many thanks for your feedback, and advice. I had originally requested an RSS feed for the site, though our coder was unable to sort this in time for the launch, however on reading your blog I did not realise it was as easy as it was. (I tend not to get my hands dirty in code these days).

Thanks again and do let me know if you experience any problems with the RSS Feed I have added.

BSL - The plan is to add more BSL to the site, it is just a matter of training people to do this. The trouble is that I cannot count on one hand the number of people within GB Football with the ability to film, edit and upload. This I believe is the biggest obstacle BSL vlogs face.

There is however one page in BSL, was has been provided by mouse, on the About Deaf Football page. Though this is obviously no way good enough, and we do need to get as much converted as we can, to make the website as accessible as possible for deaf people.

Cheers / Nick Beese

More RSS Feeds have now been added, and can be found at the footer of the site. Do you need anything else? ;-)

Nope ... that'll do for now! :-D

Nicky - for your information should you be reading this comment pages again...

It's easier than ever to make a video and post it on a website...

YouTube now allows you to directly record yourself - there's nothing to do, just press the Rec button and you're done basically...once it's done, it's up and ready on YouTube and you can then embed the video on the Deaf Football.

This takes out the technical knowledge needed to make a video and encode it and post it on a blog.

All you need is a working webcam.


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