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Chair BoT RNID: advert difficult to find on its website?

Power of blogging?

The vacancy of the Chair has finally been put on the RNID's website.


I challenge you to find it. I've given you enough clues, by the fact I've told you its there. (Navigation may be improved, so if you're reading this much later, please take this into account).

Question: has its membership been informed that this vacancy exists? Please use the comment box.

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Comments (8)

Agh, can't find it! I'm not the most patient of people but I've given up because it was like that "Where's Wally?" game, i.e. impossible.

I thought the RNId won an award the other year for a fantastically accessible website?! Ahahahaa.

Perhaps that's the point. They don't want you to find it. :)

Its there, honest!

Well give us the URL so we can publicise it far and wide.

The actual advert.

Still challenge anyone to find it from the front page though, without knowing where it is.

Perhaps they should have applications en masse, just to freak them out. ;)

Alison, can you email me about this -- this is important subject I want to bring to Americans and Canadians' attention about your frustrations.

I had been to RNID and was turned off by their antics.

Time to change.


Hasn't the CEO position been advertised yet? I thought John Low was leaving 2 months after the announcement?

@Rob: CEO, who knows! Could have been, but good luck in trying to find the advert!

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