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Chair BoT @ RNID only advertised in mainstream press


An advert for the Chair of the Board of Trustees @ the rnid appeared in the Sunday Times over the weekend, in the Public Appointments section.

Due to the glass ceilings that exist over here, out of d/Deaf / hard of hearing / deafened, who is actually going to look there?

This has not been advertised in via official channels in the Deaf press. Instead I get someone e mailing it to me in a non official capacity flagging it and begging me to post it on DUKJ, just so people see it.

Why do we have to maintain a constant state of alert about things like this? Why has this been quietly advertised only in mainstream press that were we might not see it?

Up to this point, it has not officially been announed that Mr Strachan is going anyway, save an internal e mail which I published here. If this hadn't been done, would a new appointment have happened quietly, and no-one aware of this?

Since Low has already stated that the new CEO need not be deaf or hard of hearing, the currently SMT is 100% hearing. Now we are in a position where the Chair is being advertised quietly to the mainstream, where there's more likely to be only hearing candidates. Looks like we aren't welcome at the rnid.

Furthermore we don't actually get to see the person specification for this post, since its not posted online. The advert just requires people to send in their CV. How do we know what the criteria is? I would urge a member of the rnid to actually write in and ask for a copy of this person specification and job description. Pretend you are interested in applying for the position. I'm suggesting this, as there's zero transparency here.

Those charities have been set up for our benefit, yet it appears they are doing their hardest to ensure that there is no involvement from us.

Am I'm annoyed to have to flag this. Feels like unnecessary energy expended on picking up corporate mess, because they can't do it properly in the first place. Despite years of people telling them otherwise.

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