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Charities should stop sending freebies, people say

We've all received free pens, Christmas decorations and whatever from the rnid, all in the name of fundraising. Here's a freebie, now give us your money. Are people really that shallow?

Generally, smaller charities cannot afford to employ such fundraising drives and perhaps allocate their resources more wisely.

The unsolicited freebies sent to me, go straight in the bin, I don't donate either. The biggest waste of money, and bigger crime a drain on environmental resources. The only thing the exercise achieves is further questions in my head re the nature of charities and their purpose, and getting me irritated in the process.

The Third Sector is reporting the results of a poll, on the call by its readers for charities to stop employing such tactics:

82.5 per cent of respondents answered yes to the question "Should fundraisers stop sending pens and umbrellas?" Only 17.5 per cent said no.

In four words: I couldn't agree more.

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