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Doing the rounds: How to insult someone using BSL

VideoJug: How To Insult Someone Using British Sign Language

Only blogging this, because this video is doing its rounds on mainstream blogs right now. Gadling is carrying it as A Welsh View, and I picked it up somewhere else yesterday.

The BSL is grammatically incorrect in places. Since this person is training to become an interpreter, one has to wonder about the quality of the teaching.

Thanks to this, I can see some of us are really going to get some stupid 'signs' thrown at us in random places, from people trying to think they are being clever. First line, something along the lines of: "Hello, F*** Off".

Update: Just to clarify in response to the comments, this is not me. Its a student interpreter, and I found the video online via various mainstream blogs.

Comments (17)

I would love to learn how Sign langs with BSL.. Wonder Can I order Book with BSL ? How much is cost Book? Pls Keep Touch with me and I will be happy hear from you .. I would love to Share BSL and ASL :-)

Just enjoyed your "insult" signs... Keep it coming!!

Deaf Canadian

hahaha I'm laughing so hard, you are soo COool!! I love the sign for crap lol.. Keep bringing more !!!!
S. (Ontario,Canada)

Yep , its doing the round I saw it on Digg with links to that site.
sadly you will see coments from hearies who think they have come up with original jokes

Then you ain't seen swearing like swearing in Auslan. I know better than that vid!

Tony - post some swearing on your blog!

I don't think it's funny.. If I were you, I'll be careful. Why do you set this up to teach how to insult someone in this language? It's not nice.

I didn't set it up! If you read my post carefully, you will see that the video has been created by an interpreter. Yes I question the ethics of doing so.

Thats strange mt last post did not come up :-(
Can't remember what I last posted

Fintan - What post? You mean comment on here or?

yeah I meant commented on here from work has a look today if anybody else posted and mine not there.
Ah well never mind it could be a fault at our end.

Fintan - Found it, it was in the comment spam folder! Askimet being a bit too over zealous by the looks of it.

Haha! I want to know more about BSL! I had surfing some UK's Deaf Blogs... I haven't really see any UK's Deaf video-logs (Vlogs) Is any more of UK Vlogs?

Hey Charm, what's wrong with wearing? I enjoy it very much. It's an Australai rite of passage! I have a dictionary devoted to one swear word. Guess which one!


u no what........FUCK ALL OF U!

"I don't think it's funny.. If I were you, I'll be careful. Why do you set this up to teach how to insult someone in this language? It's not nice.

Posted by Charm | May 1, 2007 6:27 PM"

why shouldnt ppl swear in bsl...swearing is an integral part of every language, whether prudes like u approve of it or not. To say that bsl, unlike otherlanguages, should be without it is tantamount to discrimination, or at the very least inconsistency.

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