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Sign language in advertising

Earlier I blogged about the use of BSL in marketing. However, this was intended for a Deaf audience. Here's an interesting one, obviously aimed at the general population but uses sign language and importantly humour:

Perhaps it should be an advert for sign language classes too!

Off the top of my head, I can only remember sign language being used in BT advert back in 2001, which featured Fifi Garfield. This was aimed at the general population, and included humour too.

Do you know of any other advertising that has included sign language?

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Great find!!!

Heh heh. That was a canny advert.

I thought you were asking for any recollection of BSL _targeted_ marketing. I need to go away and rack my brain for adverts containing sign language.

[1 minute later].....nope, I can't think of any.

That's a very kawaii advertisement! I remember seeing a few ASL advertisements. Wal-Mart had one with a signing woman welcoming people to the store. "About" has a link about it: http://deafness.about.com/od/media/f/commercials.htm

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