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Hanson Green: Deaf Recruitment Experts?


Since Hanson Green are doing the recruitment for the BoT @ the rnid, would people mind going over to their staff page and figuring out what any of them know about DEAF people? Even better, dig around Google if you can. Want know what makes them the experts to lead this recruitment, apart from mainstream stuff. For that matter, what d/Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened people will they know how to reach out to, since its a mainstream recruitment agency. So far, its not thought if they've advertised outside the Sunday Times. Anyone else know of other places?

Please feel free to comment. No-one else is bothered I assume?

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Why not go for the job yourself?
Someone in the Deaf-uk Chat is going for the job..Don't know if he is joking or not.

To be honest I can't think of what RNID have done for me let alone Deaf people. (correct me on this one)

To be honest I can't think of what RNID have done for me let alone Deaf people.

I don't know what they've done for me either. Apart from wind me up. That's a perfectly serious comment, and one I struggle to answer.

Before someone brings up Typetalk, last time I used was years ago.

£50 million for what?

I got type talk on loan in early 90's through Job centre ( I still have it in attic )
Used it 10 times.
Waste of money really.

I've not come across any other sources. I am surprised that they have chosen this company as they are headhunters for FTSE 250 UK companies. I wonder if they plan to use the same agency for the CEO position. The salary is gonna be a fortune if they gonna attracts candidates of Footsie 250's calibre.

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