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How to flirt using BSL (not)

Paula Cox is at it again, this time "How to Flirt using BSL":

VideoJug: How To Flirt Using British Sign Language

As a friend said, it looks like she wants to be a children's television presenter. Imagine if some random hearie approached you in the pub, pulling such exaggerated facial expressions. Perhaps the video should be called, "How to turn someone off".

Anyhow, 10p to a Deafie to use a phone? Since when did the phone have a minicom, and secondly, I've never seen a minicom call or interpreter come so cheap. 10p terps, please show me where!

See also: Doing the rounds: How to insult someone using BSL

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its now 20p for the hearies though!

Deafies, cost must be at least £200 plus travel. :)

Best chat up line I ever heard was " do you want to go halves with the baby"

Cheesy I know :-)

Well it's fun to see BSL with translations. But surely, this isn't a *serious* presentation?! I hope not! "Three months to live..." must be a parody...

Alison you wrote "As a friend said, it looks like she wants to be a children's television presenter"

Not surprising really as she works with children.
Her own website http://www.sunnysigners.co.uk
Sunny Signers baby signing classes and workshops are based on the SIGN with your BABY programme

Ah! Thanks.

How you supposed to read this anyhow?

Well ok you got me! It wasn't supposed to be serious! In fact I was fed the lines and asked to sign them. i did explain that it wasn't going to work in the Deaf community, but that wasn't the purpose of the video. Really it showed the differences between the languages and how the 2 don't translate. Sorry if any offence was caused.

I just think paula cox is great her facial expressions are just outstanding she has been a help to me

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