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Photo Friday: BSL March 2001, Road Block

BSL March 2001

Photo credit: James Kearney

Since May Day is seen as a traditional day for activism in the UK, here is the late Richard Bullard, a mighty activist if there ever was one, on a road block. This photo was taken after the BSL March 2001, and soon after, Richard sustained serious injuries when a group of cops unwisely picked him up and tried to pull him out of his wheelchair. During the struggle, he was dropped, and hit his head on the kerb. It was a really scary experience and we spent several hours in hospital with him. Thankfully, he was OK but it didn't do him much good.

Not enough people know about the massive amount of support DAN gave the BSL recognition campaign, and a few other campaigns too, including anti-CIs. Some Deafies joined DAN too, but not a lot seems to be happening on the DAN front at the moment, as far as I know.

Richard in particular was a very pro-Deaf Danner, and was really, really disgusted by oralism, and by how his young (hearing) daughter was taught BSL at school, but Deaf kids weren't allowed to learn. It made him really angry, and we'd discuss that kind of thing for hours. He also always, always beat me at pool. He's the only person I've ever met who can hold a pool cue with one hand, look away from the table (smirking at me) and pot the black, all at the same time... agh!

I still miss Richard, many people do. It would make him so happy if we UK-based Deafies got off our asses and got back onto the roads.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, for everyone in the UK.


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