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Porn site, with subtitles & audio description

It had to happen. There's now a porn site that carries subtitles. It also provides audio description and zoom in for blind people too.

Users can also listen to graphic descriptions of saucy photos. For those who are not blind but are visually-impaired, a 'zoom' button lets them get up close and personal to the images. The site even provides subtitles on adult movies for deaf subscribers.


The Londonist goes onto suggest there should be a terp:

Gah – where’s their sense of fun? What they need is a little naked chap in the bottom-right corner teaching us how to say ‘fuck me harder’ in sign language.

No I've not tested it, so no analysis from me. Someone else can do it.

Via: Londonist, the original article in the Metro.

Comments (14)

Something for Tony to drool over.....

Why not??? :-)

Its Deaf Awareness week, perhaps UKCoD should do it! :D If it wants to cater for *all* deaf access ...

As for Tony, wrong genre!

Now I can direct people away form MM blog and onto hetero poron sites.

Poron is porn for morons.


Get the irony of this story tho? Your site is Grumpy Old Deafies, G.O.D for short, and it's carrying a porn story. G.O.D. does porn?

Watching porn might stop you feeling grumpy :-)

People go to deafread.extra and vote for Alison's story to be placed on the front page of Deaf Read. Those sooks, sorry human editors, are pikers for relegating this post tot he back pages.

Forget it, you have no influence whatever over the USA site, go play at deaf.blog UK. The chances of you putting your perverse view over there, is nil and no amount of trawling the net to find a 'deaf angle' will justify them putting porn front page, that's why you're running scared of inserting your on wblog there, you'd not last a week. I'm surprised at Grumpy and Alison constantly supporting your vile out pourings. It's the foutrthy time they've published porn links. It's not wanted,it's not welcome, geddit ?

MM... Firstly, Grumpy and Alison are friends of mine, not yours.

Secondly, do you understand English? Bug Off!

No Tony... they are a friend of mine.. mine only ;-)

Fintan apart, Alison and Grumpy need to choose their friends more carefully... Non Parlez Anglias :)

They have. You lose!

No loss, my GAIN.

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