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RNID: Banging some drum, and who hears it?

The Third Sector is carrying some article about the appointment of a Finance Director at that huge charity that should not be named. New person is Paul Breckell, from the Christian Mission Society (I can't find a link, does it have a website?)

New appointee believes:

“The RNID has a really good reputation in all the work it has done" .... “Bob Heathcote has really taken the charity forward in terms of all the impact reporting they've done, this is leading the sector in best practice and RNID is at the forefront.”

Does anyone actually ever bother to ask its core users here? Consult with the actual objects of whom the charity is meant to serve, and exist in the first place? Do they agree? What difference has this huge charity made to your life? Is £50 million or whatever turnover they make these days, value for money? Analysis by the group of people it is intended to serve.

For those of you outside the UK, the RNID has 100% hearing senior management team (SMT), yet is the largest deaf and hard of hearing charity in the UK. In fact, I would ask a serious question here: are there any deaf / hoh managers there, including middle management. If so, who are they?

Its turnover for 2005-06 was £46,898,000, that's a lot of money for a country the size of the UK. Those in the UK, for that amount of money, what are YOU getting? What has this organisation done to change or improve your life?

In relation to Low's replacement, and for those wondering what was happening with the appointment of a new CEO:

A spokesman said the charity hoped to advertise the post in the next few weeks.

How come this sort of stuff never gets marketed or communicated direct to its target group? Instead they have been wondering. Communicate with hearies instead. Oh I forgot, there's the inconsequential factor!

Update: Tony B sez: "there is a Deaf Regional Manager for RNID North ETSS" The Church Mission Society website.

See also:
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Posting this in haste so excuse my brevity.


CMS website

Paul Breckell's background


BTW, there is a Deaf Regional Manager for RNID North ETSS (Employment, Training etc etc..I forget now)


That does seem shameful that hearing people are so in control of nearly 50 million quid that should benefit deafies in the UK. Wow.

That's equivalent nearly $100 US dollars.

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