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Simple phone for the hard of hearing (with fat fingers)

oldphones.pngI don't hear on the phone, and wouldn't even bother trying, so this is really not aimed at me. However, it makes me cringe anyway. Techcrunch is carrying some article about Jitterbug: because cellphones scare old people. On the face of it looks like its built for technophobes. However it does not stop there, and Techcrunch says:

Jitterbug promises to be the perfect phone for old, blind, hard of hearing folks with fat fingers.

Of course, I have to check out exactly what this phone is for hard of hearing people with fat fingers! Jitterbug's website says,

- Hearing-aid compatible
- Padded earpiece to reduce outside noise
- Convenient no-mistake volume control

Okay! But does the phone need to look like the equivalent of NHS glasses? What I find really amusing is the demo on that website, lots of talking, but there's no subtitles. If you want to market a phone to people with broken ears, is this a good plan?

Business Week's review included:

For example, the soft rubber cup around the earpiece doesn't just make the phone more comfortable, it also blocks ambient noise, making the phone easier to use for the hearing-impaired

Question: would you use such a phone? Why assume that "hearing impaired" (pass me the sick bag re the awful terminology), wouldn't know how to use a piece of tech? Oh I forgot, all hard of hearing people are over the age of 70.

Comments (4)

Sounds like the advertising was written by two chips with a crayon.


Hahahah. Cute product.

True nowadays the cell phones are getting mighty complex and you see many seniors these days using cells? No! Cellphones have been more of a yuppie thing these days. 20-30 yrs from now when the yuppie generation starts getting old, then is when we'll see more and more senior citizens yak on the cell phone as much as the yuppies are doing these days.

My parents are over 65, and they use the mobile telephones avidly. I don't really see it as the "age barrier" or "age issue". I see it more as willingness and motivation to adopt and use the ever-changing technology. My father absolutely loves his iPod Nano that I gave him and uses the iTunes to manage his music library. My mum can't imagine her life without SMS to keep in communication with me outside the home.

Thanks for the article....I am 29yrs old...played American Football in college and have mild arthritis already in my hands from it. I frequently have issues of "Fat Fingering” keys on my cell phone and the Jitterbug though a nice idea doesn't meet the needs of a busy lifestyle and schedule such as mine. I would like to see a PDA w/better defined keys or maybe the new Apple I-Phone with an option to make the keys larger when dialing #'s would be very cool. But yeah the Jitterbug if it was more compatible w/other carries would be perfect for my parents who are for the most part "Cell phone challenged"

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