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Under construction (kind of!)

Translation for non BSL users:
Hi, I'm Jen, the invisible vlogger! I am guilty of not vlogging for ages because I've been so busy with various things, but anyway, here I am now. I'd also like to make it very clear that I'm not Alison(!)

Alison and I realised it's not obvious enough that two of us write this blog - well, she does most of the writing, probably because she's grumpier than me - so we're looking for a new theme where we can have small photos of ourselves on each post so you know who's posted what. Unfortunately, it's not technically possible at the moment, but this quite nice white theme will do for now until we can do something better!

And I promise to vlog more. It's important that more of us British Deafies get off our asses and vlog more regularly! It's easy!

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Alison.. ooops I meant Jen :-)

Just to say not all of us can sign.

Hi Alison... oops I meant Jen

Just want to say not all of us can sign!

Yes I know - that's why there's a (full) translation!

Yeah I know there's a full translation.
You wrote "us British Deafies get off our asses and vlog more regularly"
As I can't sign its pointless Vloging.
If i provide a full translation then its pointless to vlog

Deafies is broad definition (can i say that?) for Deaf people with BSL as their primary language, culturally or by preference - hence the rallying cry (or sign!) to get Deafies to vlog. If it doesn't apply to you, don't worry about it. Just carry on as before as vlogging is really for the benefits of Deafies.


It's never pointless vlogging! Why not make an animation or something, or a comedy vlog like Joe of gwallgofi.com? There are countless things you can do with a camera ;o)

And that goes for you too, Tony B ;-p what's YOUR excuse?

I'm too bashful...:-p I can empathise what Tomato is saying - I just love reading blogs but it is crossing that line into the act of writing a blog/sending a vlog that gets me. I am actually discovering the web 2.0 technologies and have started a blog a month ago but, to my horror, I realised I was talking about myself which is very sad. So decided to take the backseat a bit longer while I get the bloggin culture ingrained and learn how to use bloggin software (I'm wary about spam comments and 'sping'). So watch this space for a newcomer....

Tony B - I have a personal blog too, and use it just for personal stuff when I can be bothered. Would be cool if you could blog or vlog. :) It takes a while to get into it ....

Fintan - get the point that you don't use BSL etc. Think what Jen is getting at, there's not enough BSL vlogs. There's plenty of English blogs, and am I being fair on BSL people by the amount of English that I churn? I don't think I am, and guilty as charged.

BSL users get the same issue re trying to access English.

There's lots of people out there who could be saying summat, and wouldn't post in English. However, would do if they got the chance to use BSL. Its would kind of be a case of nothing or BSL.

There's always gonna be this language thing, unless you're bilingual. I can't access e.g. Japanese blogs, because don't know owt about Japanese. :)

Me put my face on a VLog!!!
I am quite shy and defensive ;-)
I will have a go just for you Jen :-)

Oh lovely! I am honoured. *waits in anticipation*

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