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Who said no-one in the UK isn't being active? (But it could be so much better)

Recently I've seen this in a few places: no-one in the UK is doing anything politically.


What do you think a blog is? Why is the definition of activism so narrow? Sitting in the middle of a road is one way to demonstrate, going along to a meeting is another. Blogging about something, and actually having open conversations is another.

Blogging is not the same as e mailing lists. E mailing lists are frequently closed and can be controlled, where the rest of the world is unable to listen in. What's the benefit of talking amongst yourselves, where everyone already knows the information and probably agrees with you anyway? The dynamics are different too.

Blogging might be a bit different form of activism you are familiar with, and causes you to redefine something because goes outside your traditional beliefs or thoughts. However, that doesn't mean that its not a valid form. Yes there needs to be more blogs, this is just one. And it goes without saying, we need more people to be proactive too, and not just restricted to publishing online.

Back to blogs. This blog had nearly 20k visits in April (visits not hits), thus not something to be mocked at. Drip drip form of communication, and perhaps something indirect and constructive can come out of this. And for the record, I don't think we've even began to touch the surface re a potential impact here. I don't see blogging as a soapbox, but a conversation, which you need to participate in to fully get it.

However, the snag: there's not enough UK people being active here, and on that count alone could be interpreted as not enough is being done politically. Its not difficult to have an opinion. If you want to do your bit to get moving over here, one way is to actually set up a blog or vlog and start to enter some quality open conversation, and engage with other bloggers. Each blog is the building block for a bigger picture. Go for it.

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Ditto for Aussie Deaf!

When I used the same argument you and G.O.D said blogging was not the way to do things, any couch potatoe can sit on his bum and blog away they don't really get involved or do anything, Gallaudet changed that didn't it ?

Actually no. Why do you think we invested time and energy at the end of 2005, to set up deaf-blogs, and get it launched on 2 Jan 2006?

Remember this post from Nov 2005: http://www.alisonbryan.com/thoughts/2005/11/

But it was made very clear it wasn't any 'forum' or place for debate or argument, and despite heavy criticisms of deaf.read it did allow this, and seems to go from strength to strength, as averse to deaf.blog (UK), which was set up by your hard work and others, which is wallpaper.

I think there was serious under-estimation of British deaf people and how they use the net. The 'Deaf' failing has always been not to do their research, we're deaf, they'll all turn up they always do, well, they don't now, any activisim or campaign is very difficult to pursue these days in the UK, because they've lost the will to do anything.

They've grown fat from the food provided by your efforts and many in the past. We're certainly not short of innovation in the UK, but we've never had any idea how to develop it after, something the Americans do very well.

Deaf.read owes a lot to deaf-blog UK, but the deaf here never got with it.

The real uk and deaf users are in 'chat rooms' and social chat sites, perhaps time to admit that apart from a hard core of very few deaf people, the rest take no interest any more in deaf issues, or are appreciating the work that still goes on by people like yourself.

I may not agree with some things you do and often say so ! but I admire the work rate, personally I am of the view many deaf in the UK simply are no longer worth that effort, if they can't be bothered, why should anyone else be ?

DeafRead and Deaf blogs are NOT FORUMS! They are aggregators, with links to various blogs and vidlblogs, and they are like directory listings - where they show u the updated blogs.

It looks like a debate, in a forum, but it's not. You are meant to go to DeafRead or Deafblogs and pick yr links....

They do not engage with any other bloggers outside their own. SO it's all self-referrential, fair enough it's their aggregator.. but don';t paint DeafRead to be anything other than that....

As for real Deaf people, what the heck do u mean by that MM? We are real Deaf people doing blogging and Vidblogging!

Lastly, what's wrong with doing it for ourselves.... it's like Deaf UK, in the beginning, no one gave a shit, until it started becoming the cool place to be.. and the membership grew even more.....

Fine bugger everyone else... you don't stop doing your favourite hobbies just cos no one else is interested do ya?

Are there any deaf politicians in UK? Here in Sweden are some deaf politicians, mostly local and also lobbying for deaf's interests. Are there same in UK, deaf who are active in politic?

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