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Ofcom's consultation for signing on television ends today

Just a reminder, Ofcom's consultation in respect of Signing on Television ends today.

Some of the responses can be found here. Unfortunately, they all appear to be in English. I wonder if the BSL submissions (if there is any) will get put on their website too, in the interests of fairness.

For information, I've responded to this consultation, and allowed it to be made public, however its not on their website as yet. Not an easy consultation to respond to, since it requires you to have a lot of assumed information, and what has happened consultation wise to date. An indication for me how much information is kept within closed circles, instead of shared.

People really need to blog more, information isn't supposed to be behind closed doors.

See also:

Ofcom fails its own Disability Equality Scheme?

Comments (2)

I tried to read it all and its very mind boggling, have some certain degree to read all this.
BUT.. keep up the good work nice to see that you can understand all this and helping to get what we want.
I do imprecate this :-)

Interestingly I've spoken to 4 people today, all of whom didn't know what this consultation was about. They were aware of it, but didn't understand it.

In retrospect, I should have done an ABC guide on here, however not my responsibility and a major failing on Ofcom's part to consult properly. The plain English version is too complex, and misses key parts out.

I will admit I found it difficult in places, from the perspective that it assumes a lot of prior knowledge from meetings etc, none of which I've been to.

I might do a blog post summarising what the consultation was about, that's only if enough people want it.

In future, if you or other people get a consultation like that where you don't get it, just fill in the form to say you can't understand. They need to know that.

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