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Ofcom's lack of proactiveness

In the UK digital television is required to meet an eventual 5% target for producing signed output on television (unless granted an exemption). Since the interpreter cannot be turned off, this annoys some viewers, and from time to time we usually see threads on mainstream forums complaining about this. The latest such thread can be seen here.

What annoys me here, is not their ignorance but what is Ofcom (the regulatory body responsible for this) doing? Ofcom long ago should have produced materials, including encouraging broadcasters to do on screen, why an interpreter was present. Instead due to a lack of education, we get frustration, and with it will come a resentment towards Deaf people.

The stupid thing is, Ofcom could very well be going against the Disability Equality Duty (a legal requirement) here, to promote positive attitudes.

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I see your point , but I find it amusing that they are complaining on a repeated programme.
Hearies get the programme first and us lot have to wait for the repeats usually 7 days later.
And if not on a day time weekend we have to wait at an ungodly hour so if we have to record it.. why cant they?

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