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Parliament: BSL on websites & recognition of BSL

The way the government treats us is a complete joke. Seriously. In the light of the question / answer I posted yesterday, here's another one.

Kerry McCarthy (PPS (Rt Hon Rosie Winterton, Minister of State), Department of Health, Bristol East, Labour)

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what assessment he has made of the merits of providing British Sign Language (BSL) videos on his departmental website for the benefit of those whose first language is BSL.

John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister)

Following the recognition of British Sign language (BSL) as a language in its own right in March 2003, the Government committed £1.5 million funding for 10 projects designed to improve the infrastructure supporting BSL tutors and to raise awareness of the communication needs of Deaf BSL users among employers, service providers and in the wider community. The aim is for the outputs from the projects to have a lasting and sustainable impact. There are no videos on my departmental website.

You really could not make it up. Okay, for the record who thinks the outputs from the £1.5 million, had a lasting and sustainable impact and the government recognises BSL in a practical sense?

Otherwise, check out the contradictory statements by Mr. Prescott, such as we recognise BSL but there's no BSL on my site. Go away. We aren't going to spend any money. And no, you don't get any free courses either. Please someone please tell me how this is supposed to fit into 2020 vision of full and equal citizenship?

Source: They Work For You, Hansard.

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"the Government committed £1.5 million funding for 10 projects"

What 10 projects???

F, they were hearing led and vanished. UKCoD took over and didn't tell us what they were doing. Nuff said.

Seriously that last bit, "There are no videos on my departmental website", is so lame and non-committal it actually made me laugh. Then again I am a bitter and twisted individual who gave up on the Govt a long time ago ;o)

what is the UKCoD?

United Kingdom Council on Deafness. Consortium of deaf organisations (orgs that are largely hearing led).

The BSL recognition campaign was initiated by Deaf people, they marched for BSL 4 times, did various other activities around this etc. The issue became the in thing, thus organisations just jumped on the bandwagon and did their own thing. What Deaf people and activists wanted was one thing ... what was agreed between UKCoD and the government was totally nothing what we campaigned for.

Now we have a really stupid situation, beyond bizarre. To cut the long story short, Deaf over here are extremely disillusioned; we don't have recognition of any substance (no-one can rely on it); activists who just pulled out from the issue because of the behaviour of organisations. I could elaborate so much more here.

sorry about Eugenics, who is auDist parliament-man??
why after 2003 - european year of the disability people (the Deaf Community is winning for the Sign Language and other law) - the UK Parliament pratice now - year 2007 - Oralism and auDism ??
Who make of this Discrimination and Where is the Discrimination Act power ??
please, you answer us the Italian and European People .....hurry hurry

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