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Photo Friday: BSL March 1999

BSL March 1999

Who can recognise who, for the benefit of international readers.

Do you have any photos? We'd like to publish these here.

Comments (10)

Is the Jen holding the Clipboard? No need to go all out just to get her on FaceBook :-)

Guy in suit looks familiar

The suit's Doug Akler, former chair of BDA and former CEO of RNID.

I'm not in picture though even though I was pretty close by when that pic was taken.

@JGJones I wonder why though :-P

His book not really interested in the Deaf .. is it worth reading?

the guy to the right is nick sturley :)

One with Glasses? is Nick Sturley ?

Nick is the one in the light blue shirt, on the far right, using hands on. As you said in your first comment, Jen is holding the clipboard.

The person on the left has yet to be named. :)

I know who everyone is (including myself(!)) but don't wanna be a spoilsport...

I recognised Doug and Nick, but not the others.

Paddy Ladd on the left

Surely that's Paddy Ladd next to Doug, covering his beard with his hand?!

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